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My name is Kristina Lexova, and I am a 2D artist currently based in the UK.

As far back as I can remember I had an immense interest in the natural world, which led to me initially taking the path to becoming a biologist. I spent a few years studying the subject in Vienna, Austria; and although I loved it, I soon realized that two of my biggest passions were fighting for attention, as evidenced by all the sketches I was struggling to complete between (and during!) lectures. After getting to know the industry a bit better, I took the plunge and decided to commit myself fully to my art, satisfying my love of biology by implementing it in my work as often as I can.

Since then I have focused on honing my skills to be able to provide the best work possible. If I am not drawing, I am spending time with animals, constantly rediscovering the fascination and love for them that led me to become an artist in the first place.

My background has led to creatures being my speciality, although this often has ties to a bunch of other areas - characters, environments, and sometimes even weapon design! There is always room for a good artistic challenge. I am fluent in both digital and traditional media and have recently begun sculpting to broaden my horizons.

Currently I am available for freelance, contract and full time work.

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